Other Festivals

Apart from these important festivals, there are about 50 more festivals that are observed with great enthusiasm in an atmosphere of profound religious fervour. Some of these are :

  • Jhulana Yatra – Swing festival for seven days.
  • Sola Puja – Special esoteric worship in the Vimala temple for sixteen days.
  • Rama Navami – Birth of Rama incarnation.
  • Janmastami – Birth of Krisna.
  • Durga Puja – Maa Durga worshipped in the Shree Temple.
  • Ganesa Caturti – Birth of Ganesa.
  • Radha-Astami – Birth of Radha.
  • Vamana Janma (or Sunia) – Birth of Vamana.
  • Ananta Caturdasi – Birth of Ananta.
  • Dwitiya Osa – This is specially observed in the temple of Laksmi. In Odisha ‘Osa’ means religious fasting.
  • Dasahara – Takes a way ten sins.
  • Navanna – Taking of new food.
  • Dipawali- Offering of lamps to forefathers.
  • Sri Pancami – Special worship of Sarasvati.
  • Sivaratri Sacred day for Siva.
  • Asokastami.
  • Maha Visuva Sankranti – Also known as Pana Sankranti in Odisha. Pana means sweet drink.
  • Nrisimha Janma -Birth of Nrisimha.
  • Shiv Ratri – Marrige of Siva.
  • Rukmini Harana Ekadasi – Marrige of Krishna